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and his team

logo ecopreference the mark of the quality of indoor air, was born of an entrepreneurial vision that combined technological solutions, consumer utility and creates new business model. For several years, I am keen to improve for future generations and believe that the quality of indoor air is a major life challenge. We often mistakenly believe that the defense of our health and our environment are not our responsibility. You should know that our model of life has changed in recent years and we spend 80% of our time inside our homes, our workplaces, and in confined space in transport often poorly ventilated. We brought the pollutants in our homes without measuring actual harm health, as evidenced by the steady increase in many allergies.

I chose to create a marking, logo ecopreference the mark of indoor air quality, destined to products with lower VOC emissivity for our buildings and conveyances.

I opted for an objective analysis in the laboratory, because where some secure an obligation of means, I fixed an obligation of result: help restore the quality of indoor air in order to satisfy our most vital need BREATHE!

logo ecopreferencewill allow you to get ahead and make your products more competitive.

logo ecopreferencewill guide the consumer on the purchase of your healthier products and materials, cleaner for his health.

logo ecopreferenceaims to improve air quality in all our conveyances for.

The marking logo ecopreference turned to a bright future where the atmosphere will be healthier at home, at work and in transports.

Stéphane Robert.

From various backgrounds and motivated, logo ecopreference team brings you a second wind.

Stéphane Robert

President and founder

Passionate about a better world,
The soul of the project!

189.8 million liters of air inspired from birth but also equal to 1095 times the volume of air in a balloon.

Nicolas Chardin

Public Relations

The desire to take part in a human adventure in all aspects...

153.3 million liters of air inspired from birth but is also equal to 146 Airbus A381.

Guillaume Levasseur

Community Manager

The balance between his passion for the web and the ecological fight...

146 million liters of air inspired from birth but also equal to 657 times the air volume of the Zeppelin enveloppe.

Diana Robert

Test Manager
Project Manager

My wish has finally come true to participate in a family and innovative project.

94.9 million liters of air inspired from birth but also equal to 440 times the height of the Eiffel tower.
We are always looking for talent to breathe better, send us your unsolicited application to the following